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From:  Dr. Abiodun Alao


“This is a brilliant study of a topical issue, especially as our homes and, indeed, societies are becoming deficient of quality fathers who can make positive impact. The book touches on the major gaps that have resulted in the erosion of quality values from our private and public life. It is a book that is well written and carefully woven together.


This is a compulsory reading for every father and for everybody who aspires for position of leadership. ”


From:  D.J. Maclennan


“Pastor Paul has written about God moving in his spirit to lead him from stage to stage in becoming a 'father'. He pursues this calling of being a 'father' to many Christians in his church today. As a 'father' he guides and leads them as the spirit leads him.


The book describes the way God has been in each stage of the process of learning to be a 'father', and has revealed to him how he must change and adapt new ideas at in each stage. God himself is the author of the changes and Pastor Paul merely describes in this book what God did in his life.


However the information may be helpful to other Christians. It may help them to grow and mature and learn to be 'fathers' themselves. But we must remember every person is an individual and God deals with each one of us differently according to our different personalities.


This book is a helpful guide to seeing God act in someone's life.”


From:  Dr. Victor Olusegun Aigbogun


“It takes a mature man to put his dream aside for others”…the most catching phrase that Bishop Paul had used to truly expose my mind to understand why everything changed when I became a father….and if I had read this book before embarking on fatherhood, I would have managed the change better. The in-depth use of food technology in this book as a metaphorical exposition is really “cool”. The making of a father is easy to read and simple to understand, an eye opener and a revealer of a deep truth about the part of a man that is rarely discussed. The book allows me to assess where I am in the process, as much as it allows me to know what is yet to be expected as I come into the fullness of fatherhood. I think every man, especially most male young adults will be well prepared and equipped for fatherhood if they get to read this book before getting into the process….. It is mind blowing – a reflection of the person of my Bishop”